YUNGBLUD releases today its third studio album, homonymous


YUNGBLUD releases today its third studio album, homonymous

The official video for Tissues has been revealed

Today acclaimed and award-winning musician YUNGBLUD releases his highly anticipated third studio album, YUNGBLUD. Listen HERE.

This studio album marks the beginning of an exciting new era for the artist, including songs already fan favourites such as The Funeral, Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today and Memories ft. Willow, which surpassed 1 million streams in its release week. The album has had an excellent reception from critics around the world, and is released with the official video for his latest single, Tissues – also released today.

YUNGBLUD says of the video for Tissues, which was filmed in London and directed by Charlie Sarsfield: “This is a new era for YUNGBLUD, I wanted to dance, I wanted to move and I wanted to embody in the video what this song means. It’s happiness and euphoria and it’s letting it all go.” The infectious new song includes a sample of Close To Me by The Cure, which was personally approved by the band’s lead singer, Robert Smith.

Watch the official Tissues video HERE.

Rarely does an artist come along like YUNGBLUD, who has undeniably become the rock’n’roll symbol of Generation Z. Advocating early and fearlessly for the world’s weirdos, crazies and outcasts, YUNGBLUD has amassed legions of devoted fans, who flock to his sold-out shows every night and scream every word of his songs as if their lives depend on it. With collaborations from rock legends like Mick Jagger, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Jones and Dave Grohl, YUNGBLUD‘s trajectory looks brighter and more exciting than ever.

YUNGBLUD is available on all shops and digital platforms.

The alignment of YUNGBLUD:

  1. The Funeral
  2. Tissues
  3. Memories ft. Willow
  4. Cruel Kids
  5. Mad
  6. I Cry 2
  7. Sweet Heroine
  8. Sex Not Violence
  9. Don’t Go
  10. Don’t Feel Like Feeling Sad Today
  11. Die For A Night
  12. The Boy In The Black Dress