“SÉRGIO VEZES TRÊS” is Sérgio Godinho’s latest compilation.


Sérgio Godinho has just released a new compilation that provides an overview of his over 50-year career, titled “SÉRGIO VEZES TRÊS”

“SÉRGIO VEZES TRÊS” is now available in stores and consists of three CDs that bring together the best of Sérgio Godinho, with a single CD version also available, titled “Sérgio.”

As part of the celebration of Sérgio Godinho’s five decades of creative and artistic activity, the release of “SÉRGIO VEZES TRÊS” is part of the strategy of editions and reissues – highlighting the repressing of his vinyl records – that Universal has been implementing in recent years, of which “SÉRGIO VEZES TRÊS” is a fundamental piece.

This compilation gathers the best of the “songwriter” in three discs: the first, “Studio,” includes tracks that stood out in his 18 official solo records; the second, “Live,” focuses on his stage activity, featuring moments captured from 1990 to the present day; and the third, titled “Singles (and other collaborations),” brings together scattered recordings and collaborations that the musician has undertaken throughout his career. In addition to the special edition, a condensed version of this best-of, composed of one CD, titled “SÉRGIO,” is also published.

With an incredible collection of studio and live-recorded tracks, “SÉRGIO VEZES TRÊS” demonstrates how Sérgio Godinho’s songs are deeply embedded in Portugal’s genetic code. As Lia Pereira mentions in one of the texts included in the edition, “there are dozens of classics, hundreds of memories, thousands of interpretations and meanings, from broadly political to purely personal, but always communicable.”

The homage from Rádio Comercial

Recently, Rádio Comercial released a tribute video to Sérgio Godinho, bringing together 41 Portuguese musicians to interpret “O Primeiro Dia” (First Day).

The filming took place in Lisbon and Porto during the months of October and November, covering notable locations such as the “Urban Revolution” exhibition at Cordoaria Nacional, as well as the renowned studios of Rui Veloso and Pedro Abrunhosa. After paying tribute to Carlos do Carmo, Rui Veloso, and Jorge Palma, Rádio Comercial has now extended invitations to dozens of artists, representing various styles and generations, to create a unique interpretation of this iconic theme.

Sérgio Godinho at the Coliseums of Lisbon and Porto

Recall that Sérgio Godinho announced his return to the Coliseums of Lisbon and Porto on March 20 and 23, 2024, respectively, with the show “LIBERDADE25,” a celebration of a career intertwined with the history of Portuguese daily life.

Tickets are already on sale at the usual venues and on the BOL and TICKETLINE platforms.