“Viagem” is the new single by Calema


The new single was recorded live during the 15th-anniversary celebration concerts at MEO Arena

The release of “Viagem” marks not only a new phase in Calema’s career but also celebrates 15 years of dedication to music. The concept of “Viagem” proposes an innovative musical experience, where listeners can “teleport” through a variety of styles and musical influences. This new concept of visual musical journey promises to be an exciting opportunity to explore new creative frontiers and share powerful stories that resonate with the audience.

“Viagem” starts with Afro rhythms, where the warm beats of their roots envelop us in a hug of energy and culture. Then we move into pop territory, where emotive melodies and lyrics take us on an emotional rollercoaster. We also dive into the electronic world, where futuristic sounds and pulsating beats transport us to another dimension. This journey is not just an exploration of different musical styles but also a sharing of powerful stories that resonate with the audience and an emotional path that leads us to discover new sounds and experiences.