The song “Papel Principal” by Tozé Brito is iconic and inspired the name of SIC’s new soap opera

Papel Principal de Tozé Brito


“Papel Principal” is a plot filled with mystery and revenge, with the captivating theme music written by Tozé Brito, in this version, sung by Selma Uamusse

The song was originally written by the author represented by Syncsongs in 1983 for the singer Adelaide Ferreira, but it was only 15 years later, in a duet with Dulce Pontes, that it achieved huge success. Today, it returns to the spotlight with the new production from SP Televisão and promises to capture the attention of the Portuguese once again.

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What is the soap opera’s story?

“Papel Principal” dives deep into the intriguing world of revue theater, revealing the secrets and challenges faced by artists as they seek glory on stage. At the heart of this story is Aurora Guerra, a renowned actress who gained fame from a young age thanks to the popular series “Os Eleitos.” However, behind her determination and sense of humor lies a woman manipulated by her mother, Irene Guerra, who secretly harbors envy of her daughter’s success.

Aurora and Lúcia Rocha, a talented young woman raised in very different circumstances, had their destinies intertwined from the beginning. Aurora’s mother used her connections to secure the lead role in the series for her daughter, leaving Lúcia with deep resentment and physical scars after a traumatic incident.

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Ten years later, Aurora is a star about to debut in a musical at her own theater, Teatro Paraíso, while Lúcia is on the brink of imprisonment. Determined to seek revenge, Lúcia infiltrates Aurora’s life with the help of her friend Paulo Peixoto, with the aim of destroying everything the actress loves.

In addition to this central plot, the soap opera also features a range of fascinating characters, such as Fred Nascimento, Aurora’s youthful love, who returns to the country with various secrets, and Gabriela Santos, who falls in love with boxing and clashes with the neighborhood’s leader, Ângelo Tavares.

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A Tale of Revenge and Rivalry

With a plot full of twists and secrets, “Papel Principal” promises to keep viewers eagerly anticipating each episode. The rivalry between Aurora and Lúcia, Fred’s return, and Gabriela’s fight for her neighborhood are just some of the intertwined stories that keep the characters in constant conflict.

While the artists shine on stage, behind the scenes, dark plots, forbidden loves, and cunning revenge schemes unfold. “Papel Principal” offers an exciting glimpse into the world of entertainment, with all its glamour, but also with all the intrigues that happen behind the scenes.