Soraia Ramos releases her first album and performs on March 30th at the Coliseu of Lisbon

Soraia Ramos Cocktail


“Cocktail” is the name of Soraia Ramos’ latest release and a milestone in her young career as it is the first album by the Cape Verdean artist, who is performing for the first time at the Coliseu of Lisbon

The album features special collaborations with Nenny, Apollo G, and Carolina Deslandes, whom the singer highlights as “one of the dearest people I know with the purest heart. Making music with Carolina is an adventure. She has always been an inspiration to me and to all women.”

Soraia also states that this first album is “a blend of Soraias, languages, sounds, and emotions. There are songs that make you cry. There are others that make you laugh. Some are cathartic,” she confesses. It was during the album’s production that, in a way, she discovered herself as an artist.

For her debut, Soraia Ramos broke all barriers, experimented with new sounds, and stepped out of her comfort zone. Throughout the album, we hear songs with an R&B flavor, as well as something more pop, kizomba, experiments with drill, rap, and even trap music. But all the tracks are united by the artist’s talent in fluidly singing in different languages, connecting with audiences worldwide, bringing people together through music.


Who is Soraia Ramos in the music world?

It’s undeniable the place Soraia Ramos holds in the current music scene. Her songs have amassed millions of views (the single “BKBN” alone has over 19 million), in 2020 she was nominated for four MTV Awards, and two years later, she won the award for the best female artist in Central Africa. In 2022, she became the first Lusophone artist to be featured on the cover of Apple Music in Africa. Currently, she has 527,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, 955,000 followers on Instagram, and 628.1 thousand on TikTok.

Coliseu of Lisbon on March 30, 2024

Following the presentation of the album “Cocktail,” the artist also took the opportunity to release the new music video “Me Deixou” on YouTube, a single included in this album, and announced her upcoming major concert at the Coliseu of Lisbon on March 30.

This concert will not only mark her first performance at the Coliseu but will also be the perfect occasion to present her first live album to the audience. The artist’s previous hits, such as “O Nosso Amor” or “BAI,” will also be part of this concert. Tickets are already available for purchase at the usual venues and on