SG Gigante documentary

SG Gigante documentary, which accompanies the Sérgio Godinho tribute album, is now available on digital platforms

Directed by André Tentugal, this film complements the vinyl release of the SG Gigante tribute record

SG Gigante is a documentary about a project that celebrates Sérgio Godinho, and the 50th anniversary of his album Os Sobreviventes. Inaugurating with it a discography that is one of the most acclaimed in Portuguese music, a work filled with songs that have conquered the ears of different generations thanks to words that portray us all.

After the release on vinyl of SG Gigante, a tribute by several artists of the national hip hop/urban scene to Sérgio Godinho, and with the artistic curatorship of Capicua, the documentary SG Gigante, directed by André Tentugal, is now available on all digital platforms.

This poetic and musical material inspired all these artists – Keso, Nerve, Russa, Valas, Papillon, Amaura, Charlie Beats, Phoenix RDC, Jimmy P, Sara Correia, Stereossauro, xtinto, Pikika, Fumaxa, MIGZ, EU.CLIDES, Chong Kwong, Eva RapDiva, DJ Ride, Dino d’Santiago, Rita Vian and BRANKO – invited by Capicua – to find in 6 themes by Sérgio Godinho echoes of the times we live in today.

This documentary directed by André Tentugal brings together these artists, the curator Capicua and Sérgio Godinho himself to weave manifestos about the SG Gigante project, and has direction, photography and editing by André Tentugal, graphics by João Pombeiro, sound by Pedro Balazeiro and camera operation by Afonso Abreu, André Rijo and Tiago Ferreira.

This project was co-financed by Compete 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union – European Regional Development Fund.

Watch the video Here