Sérgio Godinho Returns to the Coliseums with “Liberdade25”

Sergio Godinho


The “songwriter” will be back at the Coliseums in 2024. “Sérgio & Os Assessores” will perform live on March 20th and 21th in Lisbon, and on March 23th in Porto. The show that will tour the country next year, “LIBERDADE25,” is a celebration of a career intertwined with the history of Portuguese daily life, and one of its songs, written in 1974, is considered a mandatory anthem

This isn’t the first time Sérgio has drawn inspiration from the song “Liberdade” for his shows—precisely a decade ago, he toured national stages with a production of the same title, which even resulted in a live album with the same name. The passage of half a century since the Carnation Revolution justifies a new exploration of his politically engaged repertoire, which in 2024 continues to emphasize the word “LIBERDADE” and now also “25,” as its most significant day, as immortalized by Sophia in “Esta é a madrugada que eu esperava.”

While the song created for the album “À Queima Roupa” is at the center, the journey offered to the audience will revisit the rich discography of the Oporto born artist. An attentive analysis of the “freedom” that others have proclaimed over the past quarter-century, and to which Sérgio aims to give voice, will not be forgotten. All of this, accompanied by a fresh perspective, with the collaboration of Os Assesores (Nuno Rafael, Miguel Fevereiro, João Cardoso, Nuno Espírito Santo, and Sérgio Nascimento), also exploring themes that time has not erased but distanced from the stage.


Tickets are already on sale at the usual venues and on the BOL and TICKETLINE platforms.