Queen to release special box set of “The Miracle” album today

Queen released on Friday the special box set of the album “The Miracle”

Widely recognized as one of Queen’s strongest albums of the 1980s, and one of their most inspired records, “The Miracle” achieved global success in 1989, taking #1 in the top selling albums in the UK and major European countries, as well as reaffirming the band in the US with a Gold Record. Brian May repeatedly states that the album’s title track is his favorite song of all time.

“The Miracle is now reissued in a deluxe box set that includes 1 LP, 5CDs, 1 DVD and 1 Blu-ray.

The 8-Disc “Queen The Miracle Collector’s Edition” box set was introduced by the theme “Face It Alone”, a previously unreleased song performed by Freddie Mercury that was recently rediscovered. This single is the first unreleased song featuring Freddie Mercury in over eight years. The 2014 album “Queen Forever” featured three then unreleased songs featuring Mercury, namely “Let Me in Your Heart Again”, “Love Kills” and “There Must Be More to Life Than This”.

The 8-disc box includes one LP, 5 CDs, 1 DVD and 1 Blu-ray.

Among the various contents, the “Queen The Miracle Collector’s Edition” box includes “The Miracle Sessions”, an hour-plus disc consisting of several previously unreleased recordings, mock-ups, rough takes, including six never-edited songs, including two songs sung by Brian May.

Equally tantalizing for fans, the audio includes the band’s studio conversations in London and Montreux, thus opening the door to the creative process of the four members of the group and the joy, jokes and banter that signaled the band’s return to working together again. “The Miracle Sessions” also includes almost mythical songs like “Dog With A Bone”, “I Guess We’re Falling Out” or “You Know You Belong To Me”.

Also in this box is the song “Too Much Love Will Kill You”. “The Miracle” was supposed to be an 11-song album, but “Too Much Love” was removed at the last minute. Later, Queen’s original version appeared on the 1995 album “Made in Heaven”.

In this box set, the CD edition is true to the 10-song lineup, but the vinyl version present in this “Collector’s Edition” marks the first time that “Too Much Love Will Kill You” appears as part of the album, in the exact place in the lineup where it was placed in 1989, before it was removed.