Que o Amor Te Salve Nesta Noite Escura

Pedro Abrunhosa

Que O Amor Te Salve Nesta Noite Escura” was written, composed and recorded by Pedro Abrunhosa in just two days. A week later, Pedro Abrunhosa invited Sara Correia to perform the song live. The result, now edited, shows the emotionality of that moment. One of the greatest composers of Portuguese music in consonance with one of the greatest fado singers of the new generation could not have another outcome.

By provoking pain and impotence, to barbarism we must counterpose Art. Never in our time has its ‘uselessness’ proved so useful. It is through art that we expel the pain that is simultaneously individual and collective. […]” Pedro Abrunhosa. Both artists have agreed to donate all the proceeds of this song to the organisation WE HELP UKRAINE which, already on the ground, will channel them to, among others, the International Red Cross.