Pedro Abrunhosa Lends his Voice to Pajama Mission 2023

Pedro Abrunhosa Missão Pijama


This year’s National Pajama Day promises to be a memorable event, where Pedro Abrunhosa’s anthem “Ninguém Vai Ficar de Fora” will serve as a powerful message of hope and commitment to the well-being of children in Portugal

As the godfather of the PAJAMA MISSION, Pedro Abrunhosa lends his voice to this anthem, which now echoes to promote “the right of a child to grow up in a family.” This initiative by Mundos de Vida takes place annually on November 20, coinciding with the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Choir of the Little Singers of Maia, under the direction of conductor Victor Dias, collaborated on the recording of this anthem, which stands out as a central piece of the Educational Kit sent to all participating schools and institutions. The music will serve as the soundtrack for the activities and events of National Pajama Day, marking a moment of unity and solidarity in support of children’s rights.

On this day, Portuguese children will wear pajamas to school to remind the country that every child should be able to live in a family environment of happiness, love, and understanding.