Noite e Dia

Miguel Angelo apresenta presents a bold show, new, in unknown territory and not in the ease of the familiar.
Familiar is the voice and this attitude of Miguel Angelo, who invites for the presentation of NOITE e DIA, on the 30th november in Maria Matos Theatre in Lisbon, those who collaborated with him in this new record: Rui Maia, Pedro de Tróia and Co$tanza. On stage will also be Mário Andrade (guitar), Jorge Quadros (drums), Bernardo Fesch (bass) and Desidério Lázaro (sax).
It was with 2019’s “Linha Verde” that Miguel Angelo met Miguel Costa (aka Co$tanza), later inviting him for a remix of the song ADIEI.
His voice was taken into Co$tanza’s musical universe – a sonic territory of contemporary oneiric spectrum – also made up of light and shadow.

 “ADIEI Co$tanza remix” is released today as a digital single, the cover is a tribute to one of the most important pop culture magazines of the 90’s (i-D) and has as visualizer a small arthouse film made from a set of on the road moments lived by Miguel Angelo in the dangerous year of 1999 – the year in which the end of the World was postponed…

Below we can watch the videoclips of “Déjà Vu” and “A Noite Cega o Dia“, the first two advance singles of “Noite e Dia”.