New Single “Mil Y Una Noches” by Anselmo Ralph and Carlos Baute

Mil Y Una Noches Anselmo Ralph

“Mil y Una Noches” follows the recent success of Anselmo Ralph with “Sola,” a collaboration with American icon Rick Ross and the rising Spanish star Soge Culebra.

Released in july, “Sola” received international acclaim, further solidifying Anselmo’s status as one of the leading African artists of his generation. With a slew of awards and recognitions, including the coveted “Best African Artist” at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Anselmo’s remarkable talent and unique musical style have left an indelible mark on the industry. Hailing from Angola, he has consistently dominated the Portuguese charts with multiple number-one hits and platinum records, cementing his position as the country’s top artist.

Anselmo comments on the song and the collaboration: “I’ve always had the idea of blending my traditional sound, the traditional sound of my country, with Latin rhythms and a touch of Afro beats. When we can enjoy the music both in and outside of it, that’s when the magic happens. When Carlos added his voice to the song, it became even fresher. I believe this song is a great example of a fusion of African and Latin music.”

Carlos Baute, a versatile Venezuelan singer/songwriter, actor, and dancer, is acclaimed for his contributions to the global music scene. His collaboration with Anselmo Ralph on “Mil y Una Noches” promises to be an unforgettable fusion of talent and creativity.

Carlos Baute describes the song: “When I heard ‘Mil y Una Noches,’ I identified not only with the lyrics but also with the rhythm. Working with Anselmo was effortless, and I’m very pleased. I love doing features, and the result is super organic. ‘Mil y Una Noches’ is a completely different proposition, it’s an innovative, sensual sound, like a magnet that hypnotizes you with Anselmo’s voice.”

The release of “Mil y Una Noches” demonstrates Panela Rec Latin’s unwavering commitment to attracting and nurturing world-class artists and talents, further solidifying its position as the leading independent record label in Portugal. This release also marks the company’s expansion into exciting new markets, including Latin America and the United States.

The music video for the song was directed by Cláudia Batalhão, with creative direction by Chacha Zambrano. The song itself was produced by a high-caliber team composed of Daus (Pedro Silva), Edu Monteiro, Tiago Araújo, David Guimarães, and Rony Padilha, ensuring an exceptional musical experience for fans worldwide.

And still… Anselmo Ralph in Times Square

Anselmo Ralph’s music ‘SOLA,’ featuring Rick Ross and Soge Culebra, made its way to Times Square in New York City. The face of the Angolan artist appeared on one of the billboards in this famous North American zone, marking a moment of pride and a significant milestone in his career.