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mother mother

With indie pop/rock sounds with an alternative twist, biting humour and a jazzy sense of sophistication, Mother Mother from Canada gained national prominence in early 2010, bolstered by the enigmatic presence of siblings Ryan (vocals, guitar) and Molly Guldemond (vocals , keyboards). The quintet rode a string of indie hits to a Top Ten placement with their acclaimed 2011 album, EUREKA. Raising their profile they transitioned to a major label, the band’s increasingly edgy sound accompanied their growing success on albums such as 2014’s “Very Good Bad Thing”, which reached Canada’s Top Five. Their eighth studio album, “Inside” arrived in 2021.

In 2022 they inaugurated the NOS ALIVE stage, on the sold-out July 9th, 2022

LIFE” (anthemic song, mid tempo, positive lyrics)

I Got Love” (the subject of many synchronizations abroad, advertising, films and TV)

Sick of the Silence” (grandiose, aggressive, excellent for stirring and dynamic themes)

Pure Love” (special, intimate, dreamy, ballad…)

Stay Behind” (special, intimate, dreamy, ballad…)

Forgotten Souls” (easy chorus, catchy, mellow)