Miss Cindy – O Parque Mágico

miss cindy parque magico

Miss Cindy releases her first song today, “O Parque Mágico”

Video premieres today on the Panda Channel and is available on all digital platforms.

Miss Cindy opens today the door of its fridge to take us to a very special place… A fridge that connects the real world to a Magic Park, lined with dreams, joy and lots of music!

The enchanted world of Miss Cindy reveals itself with the release of her debut single, O parque mágico, in collaboration with Universal Music Portugal. This is a Klasszik and CornerStudio production, a work full of love and magic, made thinking of all the little ones.

Miss Cindy‘s Magic Park is shaped by the power of imagination, made by (and for) all the little ones in the world. A space where all are welcome, where there are no differences or judgements, and where they can play, laugh, smile, sing, dance and above all: imagine – because being little is so good! And in this park there are also many new friends to meet: a corn that is a cook, a potato that is a teacher, a little ant that only likes to clean, among other characters.

“Miss Cindy e o Parque Mágico” is the new musical project of the author, composer and singer Cindy.

The artist now seeks to focus on one of her greatest passions, the children’s audience, and thus providing a unique opportunity to explore and reconcile many of her interests that include the creation of stories and enchanted worlds, the writing of wonderful lyrics and the magic of singing.