Miss Cindy – O Milho Cozinheiro

milho cozinheiro

Miss Cindy’s new video, «O Milho Cozinheiro» premieres exclusively on Panda Channel

Miss Cindy‘s fridge door opens again to her Magic Park (Parque Mágico) for the famous restaurant «Chez Milho» with the release of a new video, for the song «O Milho Cozinheiro» with an exclusive premiere on Canal Panda.

This is Miss Cindy‘s fourth song, after the hits of Parque Mágico, Avós and Amiguinhos. «O Milho Cozinheiro» tells the story of our friend Milho (Corn) who is an amazing chef who stirs, stirs, stirs his pot. But Millho is in trouble, he has lost his wooden spoon! Will he ever find it again?

With lyrics and music by Miguel Gameiro this song promises lots of fun for the little ones!