Emanuel’s ‘Ritmo do Amor’ Surpasses 30 Million YouTube Views

Emanuel alcança 30 milhões de visualizações no youtube com o "Ritmo do Amor"


Emanuel, the Portuguese singer and music producer, has achieved a remarkable milestone in his career with the song ‘Ritmo do Amor.’ Released during the summer of 2010, this captivating track incorporated the popular kuduro rhythms of the time. Since then, it has become a lasting success, with a music video that has surpassed 30 million views on YouTube, solidifying Emanuel’s position as one of the most influential artists in Portuguese popular music.

The Musical Journey of Emanuel

Emanuel’s first encounter with music occurred in 1973 when he attended a classical guitar school. His passion for music drove him to delve deeper into classical music and commit his life to the art form. Throughout his career, he assumed various roles, from being a music teacher to directing small orchestras. However, it was in the realm of Portuguese light music that he truly excelled.

In 1988, Emanuel produced the album ‘Joana’ for the renowned singer Marco Paulo, which achieved the incredible status of quadruple platinum. This catapulted Emanuel into the music scene, and he quickly became an icon of ‘música pimba,’ a genre he helped popularize not only in Portugal but also beyond its borders.

Recognition and Evolution of Emanuel

In 1998, Emanuel explored a more romantic side with the album ‘Felicidade (quando o telefone toca),’ earning more platinum records. He received the title of ‘D. Emanuel I, King of Portuguese Popular Music’ at a ceremony in the Castle of Ourém.

In the following years, Emanuel continued to accumulate successes, including the title of ‘Ambassador of Portuguese Music’ in New York and a sold-out concert at Cineteatro Tivoli, becoming the first popular artist to achieve such a feat.

Emanuel at Eurovision and Beyond

In 2007, Emanuel participated as a producer in the Festival da Canção, winning with the song ‘Dança Comigo (vem ser feliz).’ At Eurovision, Portugal reached the 11th place in the semi-finals, scoring the highest among Western European countries.

Emanuel continued to evolve, incorporating elements of traditional Portuguese music with modern rhythms. It was in 2010 that the hit ‘O Ritmo do Amor (Kuduro)’ emerged, captivating not only the Portuguese audience but also an international one. Recently, it reached 30 million views on YouTube.

The Portuguese singer has captivated audiences of all ages, especially the younger generation, with hits like ‘Hino à Alegria (let’s go),’ ‘Baby, és uma Bomba,’ and ‘I love kuduro house.’

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Emanuel found a creative way to bring music to the Portuguese people with his ‘camião-palco’ (stage truck), an initiative that gained prominence on SIC and became an unprecedented success.

Emanuel’s legacy as one of Portugal’s most influential artists continues to grow, and he continues to enchant and inspire fans worldwide with his innovative and passionate music.

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