Back to the House of Dreams – Miguel Angelo

Miguel Angelo – 10 years of “Primeiro”

On October 21st it will be exactly 10 years since Miguel Angelo released his first solo record post-Delfins. It was called Primeiro (First) and it started a career that will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2023, with a retrospective tour.

Normally these celebrations are done with remasters, extra content from the time, remixes and live versions. But the artist wanted to go further, so that the visit to the past would also become a return to the future…

Instigated by musician and producer Bernardo Fesch, they planned together the re-recording of ALL the songs from that album, in a synthwave/synthpop approach that transformed them beyond what was expected…

“The House of Dreams is the first single from “Xº Primeiro” (album to be released in early 2023) and was produced, mixed and mastered by Bernardo Fesch, with Miguel Angelo.

“Xº Primeiro” will have several guests and this first song features Mário Andrade and a feature by guitarist Janz.

The cover is signed by digital artist kurdo Naridarbandi.

Below photo and visualizer for The House of Dreams by Edgar Keats.

Miguel Angelo performs on November 4th at Arraiolos Gastronomic Show