40 Years of Delfins with a Concert, Videocast, Podcast, Vinyl Release, and More



The ” O Caminho da Felicidade” vinyl, in celebration of 40 years of Delfins, is now available for purchase and is another reason not to miss the big anniversary concert on April 6th at the Altice Arena in Lisbon. In the meantime, enjoy the fabulous stories of the band every Wednesday on RFM

“O Caminho da Felicidade” Reborn on Vinyl to Celebrate 40 Years of Delfins

The legendary Delfins are back with a surprise for their fans. After four decades of a career filled with successes, the group is releasing the first vinyl edition of their iconic album “The Path to Happiness.”

This album, which has become a milestone in Portuguese music, is recognized as the best-selling CD of all time in Portugal, and now it gains a new life for the first time on vinyl, available for purchase starting today.

There are 16 great songs that have withstood the test of time and have taught life’s refrains to multiple generations.

Exclusive Videocast and Podcast to Watch and Listen to on RFM

Until the much-anticipated 40th-anniversary concert, scheduled for April 6, 2024, at the Altice Arena, fans can dive weekly into the fascinating world of Delfins through the podcast and videocast titled “Delfins 40 Years of Stories” on RFM.

Miguel Ângelo and Fernando Cunha, founding members of Delfins, lead this journey behind the scenes of the “Path to Happiness,” sharing stories and special memories over four decades of music and success. The podcast and videocast will feature various guests, including musicians, actors, comedians, and other industry professionals who have accompanied the band throughout their incredible journey.

Episodes will be released weekly on Wednesdays and will be available on the RFM website and app, as well as on YouTube, iTunes, and various other podcast platforms. Fans can watch and listen to the stories, behind-the-scenes secrets, and unique experiences that have made Delfins one of the most popular and beloved bands in Portuguese music.

Epic Concert on April 6, 2024, at the Altice Arena in Lisbon

On stage, the talented musicians Miguel Ângelo, Fernando Cunha, Luís Sampaio, Rui Fadigas, Jorge Quadros, and Dora Fidalgo will delight the audience with some of the most acclaimed and beloved songs from the band’s entire career. The party is for them, but the gift is for the fans who have followed and supported Delfins throughout all these years.

In addition to the classics that have become part of the DNA of Portuguese music, such as “Sou Como Um Rio,” “Baía de Cascais,” “Nasce Selvagem,” “A Cor Azul,” and “1 Lugar ao Sol,” Delfins promise to surprise fans with special moments throughout this unique night.

Tickets for this event are already on sale at the usual venues and at link, and fans are advised to secure their spot on this memorable night that promises to be a milestone in the country’s music.