After the music “Luz”, “Minha Pessoa” and “Amar Angola”, the EP “Viver, Amar & Dançar” is now available on all digital platforms, and which works are written by Matias Damásio.

This is a project by Matias Damásio in partnership with Unitel / Kisom for Angola. Altogether, there are six new songs with special guests: Aina Quach, in “Vem Ser Feliz”; and Filho do Zua and Puto Português in “Mão Grande”. “Abismo” is the sixth music, which closes the EP.

“Viver, Amar & Dançar” is a slogan of Matias Damásio, which is part of his life. Despite all the difficulties, we can never stop living, loving and dancing.

“Live, Love & Dance”:

“Formiga de uma Figa” – Book by António Avelar Pinho

Here’s the book.
Written for all of you.
Illustrated by João Vaz de Carvalho.
Sung by Rita Redshoes in the last two pages (can’t you believe it? So listen).
Foreword by Nuno Markl.
Presentation at 6:30 pm on October 22, 2020 at “Cave do Markl” with the presence of the Author, Preface, Illustrator, Singer and Composer).
And whoever wants to get involved in the live conversation of your houses, the door is open in Markl’s Cave. Media: Instagram.
PS. Spread the word sff. There are many ants and we will never be too many.

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