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António José Correia de Brito, also known as Tozé Brito, was born in Ermesinde on August 25th 1951. He’s a Portuguese singer, songwriter, composer, producer, editor, director and mentor of music projects.
Tozé Brito founded his first band at 14 years old and at 15 was one of the founding members of the band “Pop Five Music Incorporated” playing base guitar and vocals. The band’s first EP included and original song he wrote, “You’ll See”.
At 18 years old, Tozé Brito moved to Lisbon to work as a professional musician in the band “Quarteto 1111”. In 1971, he performed with José Cid at the renowned Yamaha – World Popular Song Festival, in Tokyo, Japan.
Tozé Brito released his solo EP, “Liberdade” (1972) and also competed at Portugal’s Song Contest (Festival RTP da Canção) with the song “Se Quiseres Ouvir Cantar”.
Green Windows, another band in which he was a member, 1111, as founded in 1972, at the “Festival dos Dois Mundos”. The band included members José Cid, Tozé Brito, Moniz Pereira, Mike Sergeant and some of their wives. They sang in English in order to reach international audiences but fail to do so.
Also in 1972, Tozé Brito is drafted to perform military service while waiting to be placed in “Alerta Estar”, where all artists were placed. With the band Quarteto 1111, their records were forbbiden by censorship and Tozé Brito wasn’t able to get into the section he wanted to, so he left to England. There, he worked as a translator, studied 2 years in Psychology at the Birkbeck – University of London.
He recorded a record with singer Daphne, in the band “Som Dois”, releasing a single with the songs “A um Amigo” and “Irmão na Cor da Alma”.
He returned to Portugal after the Portuguese revolution (25 de Abril de 1974 – April 25th 1974) and had to perform military service and spent all of following year (1975) working as a composer and author.
The band “Green Windows” lasted until 1976 when he decided to form “Gemini” with Mike Sergeant, Fá and Teresa Miguel. “Pensando Em Ti”, the band’s first song, was released in December 1976. The album reached a gold record status, the highest at the time. Billboard Magazine voted Tozé Brito “Portuguese Composer of the Year” at the time because of sales.
In 1977, he released, as a solo artist working with Phonogram, singles “2010 DC” and “Eu, Tu e o Tempo”.
The band Gemini wins the Portugal’s Song Contest (Festival RTP da canção) in 1978 and calls it quits the following year.
He competed at Portugal’s Song Contest (Festival RTP da Canção ) in 979 with the song “Novo Canto Português”, also realeasing with Paulo de Carvalho, the album “Cantar de Amigos”. The song “Olá, então como vais?” was one of the biggest hits of this album. He started working as A&R with Polygram label.
“Bem Bom” by Doce won Portugal’s Song Contest (Festival RTP da Canção) in 1982 and in 1983, Tozé Brito released “Adeus Até Ao Meu Regresso (Apenas oito Canções de Amor)” and collaborates as an author in several TV show with Portuguese TV star, Herman José.
“Penso em ti, eu sei” by Adelaide Ferreira won the Festival in 1985.
The album “As noites íntimas de um hotel com estrelas” marked Tozé Brito’s 20th career anniversary and was released in October 1986. The album had 11 tracks and only 4 with vocal interpretations. The album was released just like a movie, with a screenplay, direction and dialogs (in collaboration with António Tavares Teles).
In 1990, Tozé Brito left Polygram to lead the Portuguese branch of BMG Ariola label, where he was Director until September 1998.
In 1999, Tozé Brito founded Mar, an A&R and production platform in partnership with EMI. He also introduced several artists such as Lúcia Moniz, Ayamonte, Francisco Mendes and Darrasar.
He’s invited to be CEO at the Portuguese branch of Universal (formerPolygram).
He celebrated his 35th career anniversary with the collection “… Mas o Mais Importante É o Amor”, with artists such as Lúcia Moniz, Marta Plantier, Adelaide Ferreira, Paulo de Carvalho, José Cid, Quarteto 1111, Carlos do Carmo, Simone de Oliveira, Victor Espadinha, Doce, Gemini and Green Windows.
In 2007, he celebrated his 40th career anniversary and released the album “Vida, canções e amigos” which gathers 40 songs with music or lyrics written or co-written by himself. By late 2007, he left Universal Music Portugal after a merger between the Spanish and Portuguese branches and the relevant administration going to Madrid.
Since 2008, Tozé Brito is Director of (Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores- Portuguese Society of Authors) and founding partner of “MUV”-Movimento de Ideias Criativas, Lda.
In 2010, Assírio & Alvim published the songbook “40 Canções – Partituras, letras, Cifras”.
To celebrate his 45th career anniversary, Universal label released a collection which includes the original song “Apenas Mais um Caso” and songs from other interpreters which recorded songs written by Tozé Brito.
In 2018, Tozé Brito is celebrating his 50th career anniversary with the album “A Memória do Amor”, including hits such as “20 anos,” “Olá, Então Como Vais” and also original songs such as “Ser Tudo Para ti” and “Amanhecer”.