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Sérgio Godinho is a singer, songwriter, writer (adult and children’s books), and director. He is, quoting one of his classic songs, a true “jack of all trades”. During his long career, spanning over 4 decades and almost flawlessly, it was his work as a songwriter that made him an icon. His work can please people from different generations, ages, with different experiences and ambitions.

“O Primeiro Dia,” “A Noite Passada,” “É Terça-Feira,” “Com um Brilhozinho nos Olhos,” “Espectáculo,” “Cuidado com as Imitações,”,”Lisboa que Amanhece,” “Liberdade,” “Coro das Velhas,” “Dancemos no Mundo,” “Barnabé,” “O Velho Samurai” just to name a few, are a testament to his talent to translate in a personal way an inseparable mixture of words and melodies, experiences and universal emotions.

Sérgio Godinho doesn’t focus solely on music. As a matter of fact, in the early 1970s, he worked as an actor for almost 2 years in the Parisian production of “Hair” and in “Onde Vamos Morar” (2008) by José Maria Vieira Mendes, staged by Jorge Silva Melo, in Lisbon and then on tour throughout Portugal. The artist excels in the children’s department, having written songs for TV shows (“Os Amigos de Gaspar,” “Árvore dos Patafúrdios”) and the theatre play “Eu, tu ele nós vós eles” in 1980, which was awarded by the Portuguese Secretary of State for Culture.

The singer/songwriter also thrived in writing, both in children’ books, “A Caixa” and “O Pequeno Livro dos Medos” (also illustrated by Sérgio Godinho) and in poetry, with “O Sangue Por Um Fio” (2009). “60 Canções de Sérgio Godinho” was one of the first music score books published in Portugal. The artist’s biography, “Retrovisor”, was written by Nuno Galopim.

In October 2009, the artist joined José Mário Branco and Fausto Bordalo Dias for 4 shows that will be forever remembered in the Portuguese music scene: “Três Cantos”. The 4 shows were sold out in Lisbon and Oporto. This reunion was recorded in CD and DVD, with the release of “Três Cantos ao Vivo”, which premiered in its first week reaching Gold status.

“Mútuo Consentimento” was released in September 2011 and was immediately #1 in the Portuguese Album Chart. Forty years after the release of “Os Sobreviventes”, Sérgio Godinho’s first album, the artist focused on the future and created a record with 11 new songs. Recorded in March and April 2011, “Mútuo Consentimento” included some unexpected collaborations: Bernardo Sassetti, Noiserv, Francisca Cortesão (aka Minta), percussionist António Serginho (Foge Foge Bandido) and Roda de Choro de Lisboa are a few of the artists that joined the band that has played with Sérgio Godinho in these last years: “Os Assessores”.

Also in 2011, in November, the artist began to perform shows in Lisbon and Oporto to showcase “Mútuo Consentimento”, and then the show travelled all over the country.

Besides “Mútuo Consentimento,”the artist also celebrated his 40th career anniversary with the book release “Sérgio Godinho e as 40 Ilustrações,”in which his lyrics are “edited” by other illustrators. In 2012, the book “Caríssimas 40 Canções,” was published focusing on “other people’s songs”, with an intimate and reminiscing look of the singers and authors that influenced his career.

In 2013, the artist received the Tenco Award, awarded by Italian association Cosi Di Amilcare. Also, based on “Caríssimas Canções”, Sérgio Godinho created and presented the show, also entitled “Caríssimas Canções” at Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisbon) and Casa da Música (Oporto), in which he collaborated with Hélder Gonçalves, Manuela Azevedo and Nuno Rafael. These shows were recorded into a CD on December 2013, followed by a small national tour.

In 2014, he created the original sound track for “Tropa-Fandanga,” “uma revista à portuguesa do Teatro de Praga,” which premiered in February in Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Lisbon) and to which the artist wrote some original songs for. In April 2014, the artist debuted the play “Liberdade” at São Luiz Teatro Municipal, based on the 40th anniversary of April 25th 1974 (the Portuguese revolution) and also presented some new songs. After 3 sold out performances in Lisbon, the play went on national tour and resulted in another live album, “Liberdade”, was released during Christmas of 2014.

Also in 2014, on the last quarter, Sérgio Godinho published “Vidadupla”, his first short story book, after his poetry and children’s book editions. “Vidadupla” consolidates and highlights this “songwriter” privileged status (but also poetry and short story author) in the Portuguese literary scene.

Always restless and adventurer, Sérgio Godinho saved for 2015 something he long waited for: sharing the stage with fellow artist, Jorge Palma. So, in May 2015, the show “JUNTOS” premièred at Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, joining both of Portugal’s biggest names in music, recorded in CD+DVD at Theatro Circo, Braga, and showed to the audience in late 2015. Among the several shows, the ones sold out in Lisbon and Oporto stand out.

Besides this project, Sérgio Godinho continued to present the show “Liberdade” throughout the country and also in Macao and Spain. Also on stage, Sérgio Godinho has explored the collaboration started in 2016 with pianist and composer Filipe Raposo, in several shows in Portugal and in some events abroad. ..

In 2017, precisely in February, the artist published “Amor Mais Que Perfeito”, his début in the novel field and voted one of the best books of that year. The writing and recording of the next album after “Mútuo Consentimento,” as well as concerts, filled in 2017.

Early 2018 revealed the artist’s 18th and long awaited studio album, “Nação Valente”. “Nação Valente” was produced by Nuno Rafael, a regular collaborator and includes co-authorship by some of the names that Sérgio Godinho most respects: David Fonseca, Filipe Raposo, Hélder Gonçalves, Pedro da Silva Martins, Márcia or, and old friend, José Mário Branco.

February 2018