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Miguel Ângelo da Costa Magalhães, better known as Miguel Ângelo, was born in Cascais, Portugal, on April 3rd 1966.
He founded the Portuguese band Delfins in 1984.
He graduated in Architecture in 1989 in Lisbon, Portugal. With two other colleagues, he opened an architecture office in Lisbon, Portugal.
In 1991, he founded the Portuguese band Resistência.
In 1990, the band Delfins released the album “Desalinhados”, which reached silver record status and in 1993, “Ser Maior – Uma História Natural”, which reached gold record status.
Between 1996 and 1997, Miguel Ângelo also released “O Caminho da Felicidade – O Melhor dos Delfins” and “Saber a-Mar” with Delfins, reaching 6 x platinum (in Portugal).

He created the tracks “Tema de Zona J” and “Só eu te posso ajudar” for the original soundtrack of the Portuguese movie, “Zona J”, by Leonel Vieira. He also edited his first novel “A Queda de um Homem (ensaio para romance)”, in 1998.

In October 2001, he edited the interactive short story compilation “Venha o Diabo e escolha”, with 13 independent episodes, with, the author and publisher Oficina do Livro. The theatre group Animateia showed the play “Venha o Diabo e Escolha”, based on the original story by Miguel Ângelo.

He published the books “A Resistente” and “Venha o Diabo e Escolha” in 2002 and “Arte vs. sexo” in 2005.

In 2008, the artist released 170,000 units from the band Delfins’ radio sessions on RFM (Portuguese radio station). Later that year, the band Delfins released their last original album “A Solidão do Sonhador E Outros Voos Do Grande Urso Branco” and ended their 25 year old career.
In 2010, “Um Lugar ao Sol – 25 anos de carreira” is edited and the band’s last show in Cascais bay is also edited in CD/DVD, reaching gold record status in Portugal.

Miguel Ângelo started his solo career in 2012 with the album “Primeiro”, including the hit single “Precioso”.
By late 2013, the artist edited “O Teu Natal”, an original song the celebrate Christmas time.
In 2014, the artist edited his second solo album, with single “MUSA” released on April 3rd and second single “Anda Lá” released in September.
In 2015, Miguel Ângelo started the year covering the song “O Vento Mudou”, working with the song’s original performer, Eduardo Nascimento.
In 2017, Miguel Ângelo celebrated his 33-year career anniversary with some of the biggest names of the Portuguese music scene. The single “A Canção” was edited in February 10th and on January 26th 2018, he edited and EP “Grotesco vs. A Canção”.