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D.A.M.A (which stands for “Let me clear your mind, friend”), is a Portuguese pop/rap group from Lisbon, formed in 2006 with Francisco Maria Pereira (Kasha), Miguel Coimbra and Miguel Cristovinho.
“Balada do Desajeitado,” “Luisa” and “Às Vezes,” where the songs that made the band famous in the Portuguese music scene, all included on the album “Uma Questão de Princípio”.
On September 29th 2014, D.A.M.A. released their first album, “Uma Questão de Princípio,” which reached #3 on the Portuguese Album Chart and reached Double Platinum status.
The album features collaborations from Salvador Seixas in “Balada do Desajeitado,” Mia Rose in “The Secrets in Silence” and Brazilian singer Gabi Luthai in “Só Quero Você”.
On June 16th 2015, the band released the following singles “Não Dá” and “Não Faço Questão” on September 22nd 2015, featuring Brazilian artist, Gabriel o Pensador.
The album “Dá-me Um Segundo” was launched on October 23rd and reached #1 on the Portuguese Album Chart, reaching platinum status on January 2016.
The single “Era Eu” premiered on September 12. Between May and October 2017, the band released the singles “Pensa Bem” (feat. ProfJam), “Não Comeces” and “Oquelávai”.
On November 25th, the album “Lado a Lado” was released and in just 2 weeks reached Gold status.