Mútuo Consentimento with vinyl edition

mutuo consentimento

Sérgio Godinho celebrates the 10th anniversary of “Mútuo Consentimento” with a vinyl edition. The album features collaborations with Bernardo Sassetti, Noiserv, Francisca Cortesão, among others.

At a time of celebrating 50 years of musical activity, this year Sérgio Godinho also celebrates the 10th anniversary of the acclaimed album Mútuo Consentimento with a vinyl reissue of the record originally released in 2011.

10 Anos of “Mútuo Consentimento” celebrated with a vinyl edition! Coming to the shop windows in a remastered version. Songs like “O Acesso Bloqueado” or “Bomba-Relógio” will be the most heard on the radio but surely the partnerships with Bernardo Sassetti (“Em Dias Consecutivos”) or José Mário Branco (“Faz Parte”) mark this record. Also, the collaboration with emerging talents at the time and now confirmed, such as Noiserv or Francisca Cortesão (aka Minta).